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Icon Design

Great Icons Design: Be One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Effective icon design plan for your business advantage. Quality icons made by aha-soft.com work wonder on user's impact.

Icon design quality doesn’t only include the icon’s appearance, but the way it interacts with users must also be considered. Functionality and enhanced appearance must always be your priority when coming up with icon design. This may be a bit complicated that is why hiring an expert like Centigrade to crop up with appealing icons and user friendly design will be at your advantage.

Brief explanation

We make impossible things possible. With Aha-soft.com we do magical things that seemed unattainable for others. We can make your application send out information quicker than 250 milliseconds. We can transfer all information into your user’s understanding without forcing it to them, while using a very small space from your screen and with a variety attention grabbing icon design.

Application Known to users

You can spend hours or even days preparing, testing, and implementing your application software for powerful effect on users, knowing that each of this application indicates high cost and expenses, yet remains unknown to users. If there is way to solve this by promoting, and identifying application and putting value to application features while minimizing the cost at the greatest possible way, why not opt for it? We can provide this nonetheless.

Customized and Unique Icon Layout

Customized icons are very valuable to a business. Customized icon design adds up professionalism and appeal to your company. All icons will surely be unique while enhancing your company’s image. You will definitely be one step ahead amongst all your competitors. Rights will be restricted to your company which enhances individuality and character. However if exclusiveness is not your priority, you can opt for “stock icons” which are also appealing as customized icons are.

Flexibility Included

Because Aha-soft.com icons are vector based meaning it uses vectors instead of the traditional raster information, decoration, design, and flexibility is endless. It is efficient and independent in terms of the output mediums or sizes of each icon. Everything is possible. We offer all types of icon design that can be used in wide ranging functions like decorated tabs, context menus, toolbars, and buttons.

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