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Search Ready-Made Graphics from Your Home Personal Computer

Sib Icon Catalog indexes hundreds of royalty-free icon collections and thousands of individual glyphs, making it simple to locate glyphs and select icons you need. All pictograms indexed by this icon catalog come straight from the source, with on-time delivery guarantee, pre-sale and after-sale customer support and no strings attached.

Ready-made stock graphics are a great way to cut down costs of image design. Available immediately, stock images are a perfect way to meet the deadline - no matter how close it happens to be. However, not all ready-made images are created equal.

Icon Catalog
Icon Catalog

Ready-made icon images vary in appearance, technical parameters, and flexibility of their licensing terms. Some pictogram libraries are available on per-use basis, and some require licensing payments, or royalties, paid as a commission from every sale of a product using those icons. It is in the best interest of those buying icon images to avoid licenses with royalty payments.

There are, of course, plenty of royalty-free stock cliparts on the Web. In fact, there are so many that it is simple to get lost. Googling for stock pictograms returns hundreds of thousands of results. Are there hundreds of thousands image makers? Not really. Most stock icons are sold through various affiliate schemes with often cumbersome licensing terms and conditions and dubious customer support.

Searching quality ready-made icons with acceptable licensing terms and appropriate technical parameters such as resolution and image format support becomes difficult. Here comes Sib Icon Catalog. Developed SibCode, this icon catalog contains hundreds of royalty-free stock graphic cliparts and thousands of individual images, making it easy to search icons and pick graphics you need. All graphics indexed by Sib Icon Catalog come directly from the designer, with on-time delivery guarantee, pre-sale and after-sale customer support. Needless to say, all images in the catalog database are supplied with a very straightforward license allowing buyers to re-use them in as many programs, services, or other media as needed without paying any royalties or additional license fees.

Sib Icon Catalog makes it simple to find ready-made icon images, pick and buy icons with full instant previews. Thousands of full-size images are provided with Sib Icon Catalog with no watermarks. All icon images are carefully tagged, making it simple to search for the right icon. Sib Icon Catalog helps designers and webmasters to meet the toughest deadlines with on-time delivery guarantee. One can choose and buy icons and graphic sets right from Sib Icon Catalog.

All software icon images indexed by Sib Icon Catalog are technically sound, available in various resolutions, file formats, versions, and color depths. Typically, every picture or icon library comes in ICO, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats in three versions: normal, highlighted, and grayed out. Images of 16x16 to 256x256 pixels are available in both 256-color and 32-bit True Color resolutions. Sib Icon Catalog is absolutely free and can be downloaded at http://www.sibcode.com.

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